Monday, August 24, 2009

Lotsa ground to cover, so let's get started!

OK, we've been back from Virginia almost two weeks and I need to round out our blog entries on our trip. So, with our last post diving into the trip back home, I'll continue to go backwards.

Our last day in Virginia - Saturday - was spent digging for treasures on the infamous Route 11 crawl. I blogged about that last year {you can see pictures of the insanity HERE} and then we helped our niece, Anya, celebrate her first birthday. We played some "cornhole" type game and ate lots of good food, followed by the most delicious cake with the BEST fondant.

On Friday, we had a girls lunch out and then my sil, Jes, made some DELICIOUS fish tacos that were marinated - seriously good.

Later that evening my bil, Dave, came up with a game of Euchre, tournament style. He worked out the details and how individual points could be accumulated and we spent the next two hours vying for the champion title! I think Mary Ann won with the most points overall.

Thursday, the older cousins found two crayfish and a boatload of tiny frogs swimming in the pool. Later, while cooling off after a workout, Neil found an unidentified snake in the pool. YIKES!
Ashley, Rachel and Brendan spent nearly the entire day at the skating rink/arcade/bumper cars/etc. while we geared up for the younger cousins to come out for a few days. The guys all left for their annual guy time - translation; golf. I had Neil take some pictures. I mean, you always hear about them playing, but I wanted some proof. So, here are a few snaps from their day out along with some unexpected visitors.

After they got back from golfing, we were short one Euchre player, so Neil played on both teams.

Trip to Virginia to be continued...


-goofydaddy said...

i didn't know that many people knew how to play euchre!


Martina said...

Hardee har har Mr. Funny Pants. ::sneer::

Jessica Kreitzer said...

THese are horrible pics of me. Thanks!