Thursday, June 18, 2009

Make up and construction: the making of an interior designer...

I think my kids must be feeling the pressure of finding their talents and cultivating them into marketable skills at an early age.

I say this because how else can I explain my four year old taking her artwork and nailing them to the walls of our bathroom during what should have been her afternoon nap?

That'll teach me to take away her cartoon time during nap time, I suppose.

Usually, I put her down for a nap at the same time as Drew so the house is "less loud" for a couple of hours. In order to placate her, normally I put on some cartoons in my room. Except I changed that on Tuesday.

Neil and I had put up a few things in our bathroom and left the tools out. She decided she would take a project she was working on {and housed in my room at the time} and nail them up all over the bathroom walls. I still don't know how she managed to do this without our hearing it because we were all in the living room and didn't hear anything out of the ordinary.
{the tools - though, I'm not sure what the spoon had to do with anything...}{look at how beautiful that nail went in!!}
And get this. She decided to put on big sis' makeup too - I guess she decided she must look pretty while 1) being naughty and 2) being resourceful.

She did a good job with both. And she did get a much deserved scolding, but I had to grab the camera and showcase what she did. It's definitely a story worth telling as she gets older.
{this was next to my sink}

What impressed me most is that she managed to do a better job than some grown men. I don't know how she did it either. It's not like she stands over us the five minutes it takes us to nail various things around the house. And how did she manage to hold the paper in place along with the nail...while hammering?
{she even climbed up over the bathtub to nail more artwork!}

Far be it for me to hold back praise where it's due {or so Rachel from Anne of Green Gables says}, but it'll be tucked away in this blog entry where she can read about it years from now.

**My only regret is that I didn't take a picture of her wearing Ashley's makeup. She actually did a good job with that too.**

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