Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Sally Manket

{best buds}

In our house, the kids have always been attached to something since they were infants. Stuffed animals, blankets, thumbs, pacifiers, etc.

Getting older doesn't necessarily mean they stop loving their "loveys". Without embarrassing my older kids, I'll just go straight for the four year old who loves her pink blanket.

Well loved would be the understatement of this short century.

Another child {who will remain nameless} loves his/her blanket just as much and by the time he/she was four the blanket was in MUCH BETTER condition than this raggedy taggedy gypsy pink blanket.

Paige is rarely without her blanket. Even if she drags her blanket down the stairs in the morning and leaves "her" on the chair and goes on to play with other things, she can tell you later exactly where to find "her". And she's always right.

Why do I refer to the blanket as a "her"? Well, lately she's been calling her Sally. And for a while when she was younger and learning to sound out the word, blanket, she would call it her pink "mankie" or pink "manket". So, we combined the two and we call her Sally Manket now.

Sally is the perfect companion for the thumb in the mouth during nap or bedtime. She doesn't even mind that she's smelly or has a huge couple of rips in her. Nope. She doesn't complain at all. She even likes being draped over Paige's head when she wants to pretend to be the Blessed Mother, Mary.

{Sally brings out many faces in Paige - here, the ugly face pops out!}
{and of course, a beautiful girl is transformed into Mary}


Jessica said...

Her cheek bones are amazing. With that chin, she's going to have a very striking face. She's so cute. I can't wait to see her (and all 3 of the others in August). Just a little longer!

-goofydaddy said...

more pics of the lovey please. it looks downright brand spankin' new there!

I need to do an update post on Aria's beloved Doogan. the poor guy has seen better days.

Martina said...

Yeah, I thought about that after I posted about putting pictures in of the rip. I actually think Sally got a bath that day. She smelled pretty good. Not ripe at all, lol.

At least Paige realizes the value in bathing and allows us to give Sally a bath!

Jen Fluharty said...

Alex has her "teetee" too. The poor thing has more holes than fabric now, but we swaddled her in them as a baby. And yep, she has to have it to suck her fingers and get to sleep at night!