Sunday, June 14, 2009

P90X bring it? The diet has been b'rought'n...

Today {Sunday} Neil started phase three of P90X - classic doubles.

Let me tell ya - the change in diet is enough to have you saying "whole wheat" in your sleep for days. I really want Neil to succeed so I've been making {many times begrudgingly - I'm working on it!} sacrifices to see that he gets the time he needs to do his workouts. Extended kid duty during the witching hour - and not a single one of you mommas reading this know what I'm talking about, do you? Are you rolling your eyes too?

You know what I'm talking about. It starts around three or so in the afternoon and lasts until, well, the last kid goes to sleep. Not that all days are like this, but usually the afternoon time is when I am hanging onto my last shred of sanity. Except, instead of breathing a HUGE-O sigh of relief hearing the key in the lock and knowing Neil is home, I have been bracing myself for "round two", formerly known "now we get to share the kiddo responsibilities" time of day.

I have a sister-in-law who did this program with her husband. At the same time. Six days a week. She has four kids too. And I affectionately have to ask,

"How the hell did they make it work?"

My kids. The house would be - how does the phrase go? - tore up from the floor up? Yeah. They could take this house down in record time.

Fuh reals.

But I support Neil's desire to be healthy and fit and seriously? Who doesn't like looking through the closet knowing you can pick what you like vs. what's clean and fits {and sometimes both if you're lucky!!}?

So, has it been worth it? Absolutely. I can't lie and say it hasn't been a tough transition giving him the time he needs to work out, but with doubles it's almost literally been twice as difficult. I mean, I have to hear that alarm go off at 5 a.m. {and let me tell ya, that's tough ::snort::} and he goes off to do his first of essentially three workouts for the day. An hour of cardio in the morning. An hour of whatever's on the agenda for the day in the evening followed by an additional 15 minutes of Ab Ripper X every other day.

The final results of day 90 will occur in roughly a month from now. I am stoked to see how far he's come when we do the final pictures, though I am convinced this is a permanent staple to our household schedule. And that's fine with me. A one time fee vs. the gym. Being at home vs. leaving the house to go to the gym.

All I can say is I'm looking forward to the end...and the beginning.

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Anonymous said...

aww you are such a good wife. Keep it up...I don't think I could be sooo patient.