Sunday, June 14, 2009

Temporarily anti-technology - exceptin' maybe Facebook ::blush::

Some of you may have noticed that lately I've been on a project kick, particularly if you're "hip" with my Facebook status updates - that may be one of the last outlets I'm pursuing these days.

And some of you may be annoyed at my lack of communication too.

If you call me, you will likely get my voice mail. Scratch that. You
will get my voice mail. And I probably won't call back. ::sheepish grin/grimace::

If you e-mail me, I will likely respond to you quickly, but then again it may be a day or two before I get back to you. E-mail is a quirky thing with me. Either I get it and respond right away like the diligent little worker bee that I like to be or I'll think that I'll get to it later and later then becomes days later, oftentimes to my chagrin.

I don't like being thought of as lazy, unmotivated or uncaring. But permit me to explain.

You see, I'm an Aries. I start MANY projects - most of which I
will finish...eventually - or so I reassure myself. My intention is always to finish, yet my stamina/mood tends to fizzle out long before the desire. I've never thought of an "ideas" person to be an insult, but lately - for me - it really is. I have seriously some of the most clever ideas, but lack the manpower or resources to carry most of them out. However, I am in the middle of tackling three/four huge projects this summer. And I am bound and determined to see all of them completed.

The first three were my first projects and are temporarily on the back burner {well, in bits anyway}. My fourth project is the one that I'm currently consumed with. I have been a follower of Fly Lady for almost seven years. And the logic behind Flying is to take it in baby steps.

I know. Weird, huh? You're flying, but you're taking baby steps.

Anyhoodileedoodle. So, I've decided I am temporarily fine with messes and clutter as long as I have a plan to get rid of it eventually. And so, that is what has happened in my house. We {translation: me} have been de-cluttering and getting rid of junk and crud that I've literally been avoiding for a while. And I decided upon seeing my friend, Audrey's, uber organized garage that I would go home and tackle that proverbial "under the bed" part of our house.

{yeah, I wish my garage would look this nice...we'll see}

You know what I'm talking about. Mom would ask you to clean up your room and you would "magically" have it all done in like, oh, ten minutes tops. Why? Because we shoved everything into the closets and under the bed. And you don't happen to think Mom wasn't onto our game, do you?

My whole goal was I wanted to be one of "those" people - the ones who leave their garage doors open just because they can. It's kind of a neatness 'keeping up with the Joneses' thing. I want that. Well, and I really am just so lazy that I really only want my house to take five minutes at most per room to clean up.

You want to stop by for some sugar or have some coffee? GREAT! Give me like 20 minutes. That's my goal, folks. And I'm sure I can attain it.

Three weeks later and I have made some serious headway in the garage. I am taking it in bits. I stay out there as long as I can and put Pandora on and jam out while I throw crap away or into the car to go to the local thrift store. When I get bored or hit a wall, I leave and don't sweat it. I've run into a caffuffle a couple of times when I found out I can't just drop paint cans off at any old place or when we had a freak tornado/rain/hailstorm the other night and literally I saw the fruits of my labor in action when we were able to park the Volvo in the garage.

And can I just admit I was pretty darn proud of myself? Granted, I wasn't thrilled at all the excess crap shoved against the one side of the garage, but overall I was impressed with all my hard work.

The projects spread out from the garage and into/around the house as well. The storage shed was organized in 30 minutes. Seriously? Why did we wait this long to do this?? But. It's done. And I'm glad.

I would say I'm one of those people who enjoys the idea of being organized, would like to do it for a while if someone started it for me, but don't like the idea of getting that ball rolling. And prior to three weeks ago I would have said I had more important things to Facebook, or post on ELW (sorry girls that I've ditched ya too!) or post on BBC or e-mail more frequently or answer my phone, but the reality is that I am getting a LOT of much needed things done around here.

Having been a trailblazer of sorts in the internet world, the past 15 years online have been filled when I was really into my online community and other times when I have dropped off for a while.

I will be back soon, though. One of my projects involves quite a bit of online research and I may be recruiting some of you to help me with my biggest {and dare I say most exciting - to me} venture yet.

If you are having a difficult time reaching me, the two best ways to reach me these days are via text or Facebook. Talking without talking. That's me these days.



Misty said...

Glad your getting things accomplished! Miss seeing you on ELW!!!

Anna said...

I was about to send out a search party on ELW to find you but I am glad to hear you are ok and making good headway in the organization department. Hoping you took some before pics to fully enjoy the "after".

Martina said...

Hey girls!!

Yeah, I've been MIA for a while, but I am feeling uber productive at home these days. Be sure to harass me on FB, ok?? xoxo