Tuesday, February 23, 2010

What a gift from God!

{Paige gives me the traditional head tilt pose}

Today we celebrate Paige's 5th birthday. Along with that, I had no idea of the potential for snow today. You see...I was on retreat over the weekend and was recovering yesterday, busy with RCIA and then we woke up this morning to see what seemed like pancake-sized snowflakes falling outside.

A wonderful swirl of flakes...nothing skimpy or "true to Austin weather". This was some serious snow fall {not so much serious snow stickage to the ground, though!}. It made for some interesting situations...such as, I now regretted postponing my chores and errands in preparation for Paige's birthday. I couldn't exactly help it. Fatigue hit like a brick wall halfway through my first errand yesterday and I went home, hands up, white flag waving in defeat. I called uncle and vowed to finish today.

*That* would have been a good time to know about the snow forecast. I might have forced myself onward and upward to get most of the chores done yesterday.

Oh well.

Be that as it may, it was a wonderful day to celebrate such a big milestone birthday for Paige. Her preschool teacher took some pictures of the cupcake cake we brought to class today and a picture she took of her outside with the snow! I'll have to do a two-parter, this post will include her birthday pics before she opens her gifts and then another later with the rest of the day.

Pics courtesy of Ms. Cindy:


{here is a picture I submitted to our local news stations. They were asking viewers to send in "snow" pictures. I figured a birthday girl celebrating a rare snow day in Austin was worth sending in!}