Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Look over hair!

Neil took Jonathan to get a haircut on Sunday after church. Jonathan's normally a hot-natured little kid, so I was using the cooler weather as an excuse for him to grow it longer. It just reminds me of when he was a baby and we'd keep it all long and shaggy. It was a good look for him. But with the weather "supposedly" warming up it made sense to get it cut. I tried to take him last week, but he informed me that that was his and Dad's guy time out. Ok. Couldn't really argue with that. I gotta be honest. I wasn't looking forward to all that adorable hair getting cut, but he walked through the door and was the most fantabulous looking six year old around. Seriously. His hair was all gel'd up and he had his bangs spiked up in the front. His haircut looked as Grandpa Simpson would say 'a haircut you could set your watch to' (he was referring to Johnny Unitus). It looked like a classic 50s boys haircut. I'm sold. This kid *has* to get his hair cut like this from now on. Each morning so far we've gotten out the hairspray and I've had to train myself on how to properly spike his hair. It's a pretty sticky process, but the result looks good. It reminds me how independent my kids are, though. I don't do hair. Ok, rarely I fix hair. And even then it's only Paige and it only involves detangler, a brush and a small rubber band. I don't do anything complicated. And if I'm feeling super "on top of things", I'll put a bow in her hair, but that's where Ashley comes in.

Ashley and Paige work on the perfect hair creation

A little sass for the photo

the finished look topped off with a smile

She loves to fix Paige's hair with so many doo-dads she looks like a small hair accessory display from The Icing, lol. That's their bonding thing, so I leave well enough alone. Now that I think about it, I hardly fix my own hair, so I try not to be too grossed out when I have to spray that sticky stuff on Jonathan's hair.
It's definitely a good look for him.

As you can see, no one is safe from Ashley once she gets on a roll. I can't decide if he looks ready to cry or laugh. Maybe it's a little of both? Either way, he's still just as adorable to me!

I thought long and hard about whether it was a good idea to put up a blackmail photo of Drew - and the devilish side in me won out. I think he's masculine enough to pull this look off!


Megan said...

What great pictures! I love the last one - that look is precious.

Martina said...

ha! i couldn't resist those piggy tails...on Drew! lol

Have a great weekend!!

emily said...

okay, seriously-- Cutest kids EVER. Love that last one! He has an unbelievable amount of cute cute hair!

And your youngest daughter? What a sweet pose!

Martina said...

Thanks!! They say heartburn during pregnancy means more hair...and I had about the worst case ever...I was sick over eating an apple it got so bad!