Monday, March 24, 2008

I tell you, I dread days like this and other hodge podge Monday things

Well, the kids woke up with an Easter hangover. All that sugar caught up with them. As if it wasn't hard enough waking up on a Monday, there was that sugar low to match the lack of enthusiasm at getting up early. I'm still struggling with the time change. The kids were out of school for Spring Break when it happened and then last week was a short week. Add in the fact that for me sleep is that constant out-of-reach luxury and you have a sure fire recipe for difficult mornings. Today was definitely a text-book Monday.
Today was also Drew's four month well-check visit. I wouldn't particularly label myself as a crunchie person, but for some reason when it comes to meds and vaccinations, I hesitate...
big time when it comes to my children.

So, we talked vaccinations for the first time today. I asked what was the fewest I could get away with and we did that. It *would* have been five separate shots (some combined) and one oral dose. I opted to do three shots. I was proud of my little trooper. He cried while he got the shots and then a few seconds later he stopped. He gave me a real lesson in what it means to choose how I want to react to bad things in life. And onto the stats: He was 13lbs. 3.5 oz (10-25%) and 25 1/4 inches in height (50-75%). Head circumference was 39.8cm.
Today after school, Jonathan asked if he could have some candy for snack. I reacted with an'eh, why not?' and he ate his chocolate pig (sorry, no pic of that). What was left was an interesting sight. I stood over this shirt and debated taking a picture of it. After a few minutes of thinking about it, I grabbed the camera and thought I'd share what boys do to their clothes. Let me also explain that this is the very least of what they do to their clothes. For those of you with first time boys, I don't want to spoil your experience, so you'll have to find some of this out on your own. ;)

what a mess

this shirt will *not* see any "roller rinking" tonight!


Finally, I took Drew's four month pictures today. So, I give you his official four month photos. I don't know if it's *only* because it's the day after Easter and I'm a little worn out with all the event photography, but I felt a little creatively drained. Hopefully next month I'll have something a little more exciting as far as background, props, location, etc. The subject is always great to work with, though. ;)

Drew, four months old
do I detect a hint of UT in this photo? Hook 'em Drew! Go Horns!
And there you have it. Our Monday.


Melanie said...

He's still so wee! What a precious little boy. And what awesome messes they can make. . . that shirt made me nervous :)

Martina said...

I really should have shown the entire shirt - it was *all* chocolatey!! Good thing for Shout - it all came out when I ran it through the wash. Now if I can get him to stop wearing holes in his dress pants! ;)

emily said...

yeah thanks for the glimpse of my BOY future... I thought all I'd ever have to deal with was the DROOL on his shirt!!

And I like the "sugar hangover" metaphor... funny AND true.

I also feel apprehensive about vax, but I'm just going with it for now...
I respect that you've been trying to learn more. I haven't made the time for it yet...

Martina said...

Oh, trust me, there's a reason why you can't find boys clothes at consignment stores...I gave up the ghost on trying to find anything once Jonathan hit 3 or so...