Wednesday, March 26, 2008

He can't be bothered with being a baby

My little guy is not interested in being a baby any longer. I knew towards the end of my pregnancy that I should start preparing myself mentally for him growing up too fast. All of my kids have been uninterested in just lying around and looking cute. They'd rather be "on the move" and look cute. Drew was about a week old when he started holding his head up and wanted to be facing out to check out his new digs. Now that he's four months old, it's not all that impressive anymore, and developmentally it's just expected that he should be doing things like holding his head up. A few people were surprised by the strength of his neck muscles when he was itty bitty. Now it's that they're impressed that he likes to stand up and hold himself up for long periods of time. And he's been doing that for quite a while too. I sigh because it'd be nice if he would just nuzzle and stay little a bit longer. But no. He's got things to do, people to flirt with and then there are raspberries to be made and spit. His day is chocked full of good fun. No, he can't be bothered with being a baby. That wouldn't be his style.
no pictures this time - I give you a simple observation

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