Friday, March 28, 2008

Here's to baby brother

At least once a day the kids will tell me 'thank you for having baby brother'. It's kinda weird since I was only part of the process, but I'll take it. Ashley goes straight for Drew when she gets home from school. We've actually had to talk about balancing homework with chores and specific "Drew time". I've talked to some other moms about this. It's apparently not uncommon for kids to {gasp!} choose to play with their siblings over doing the more mundane day-to-day stuff. Yeah, I know. Shock of all shocks, no? So, today I give you some photos of Drew that showcase his lovely hair and share with you some of the nicknames. I warn you now - some are cute, some just call it like it is.

Mr. Beautiful. This one is courtesy of Ashley. I think if you've seen any of the recent posts this makes sense. After all, if it were up to her the poor kid would wear piggy tails *all* the time...sigh, our poor little guy!
My little coco bean, Mr. Ficco, baybee bwu-thu. Paige loves to call him these names - the second one we have to curb, especially out in public - well, um, you get the idea. Try as we might to replace that word with a substitute, she comes back to that one.
Brother. A very simple and classic name is what Jonathan calls Drew. He is very tender with Brother and doesn't waste an opportunity to tell us that when he turns two he'll take care of him. Mmm, we'll see if that holds up in any capacity when the time comes, lol.
Baby brother, brother bear, peepers, An-drooly, ooie gooey pooey Drew-y or ooie gooey spewy Drew-y, monkey, munchkin, peanut, Mr. Handsome, laughy boy. These are the names that both Neil and I call him. I'm sure there are more, but this was all I could think of off the top of my head. Speaking of off the top of heads, I leave you with this last photo of Drew with his endless mounds of crazy hair. You just gotta love it.


emily said...

a nickname post-- what a great idea! I am in AWE of all the nicknames you guys come up with! Impressive! (Almost as impressive as that head of hair!)

Martina said...

Ha! I *wish* I could claim responsibility. It's seriously all the kids' doing. I can't come up with anything that creative. ;-)