Thursday, August 28, 2008

OK, back to our trip to VA

Phew! I didn't realize it was going to take so many posts to get through our visit. How dare life interrupt me and make me post about milestones and such!

This post will be a 'photomentary' of the weekend, starting with our visit with Tara, then our dinner with Kevin and Dana, and the crawl on route 11.

{Neil and Tara play Rockband...I think. I cant' remember the name of the game.}

{Drew meets his Godmomma for the first time and immediately sizes her up.}

{Neil holds a new buddy, nephew Sean.}

{Sean, though a month younger than Drew is already bigger than Drew.
At this point, who *isn't* bigger than Drew? lol}

{David and the boys play Rockband. Alex, Matthew and Zack from l-r.}

{Drew tests out Aria's toy. You know. Just in case...}

{Paige shares some love with Aria.}

The crawl on route 11 is about 45 miles of 'yard sale-n'. This was on our way back out to Grandma and Paka's house for the weekend.

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Amanda said...

Drew is so handsome. His eyes always catch my attention.