Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The first day of school!!!

{I can't believe they *still* let me do this.
Especially since we live across from the school where {gasp!} other people might see them!}

Jonathan came into my room this morning at 5:39 dressed and ready for school. This supposed "smart" clock I bought him sets itself and keeps up with leap year and daylight savings and it can't remember that we're CENTRAL time, not EASTERN!! It didn't matter though. He was up and ready to start his day. Unfortunately, his day wasn't ready for him yet. I told him to go back to bed. Neil gets up at 5 or so in the morning and by the time he was ready for work, Jonathan was already back downstairs telling 'Dad' how excited he was. Neil came in to tell me goodbye and says, 'That definitely wasn't me at that age. I dreaded the first day. But I'm proud of him.'

I am too.

Who could ask for a better morning?


-goofydaddy said...

first day of school - good times!

emily said...

cute kiddos... yay for school!