Thursday, August 28, 2008

911, what's your emergency?

At least I think that's what they say when you call. Two times in Drew's short life we've had to call 911 and I haven't made either of those calls. The first, as many of you already know, was when he was born in the car. Click HERE to read that if you haven't already. The second happened on Tuesday. Drew's nine month appointment was Monday and because of his weight issues, we decided to do some more testing. Tuesday morning I dropped off the samples. I decided to run in with Drew in my arms, Paige by my side and only my keys. I had let him play with my keys and while I was strapping him in he somehow locked the car. Our car makes a loud enough noise when it's locked so the fact that it escaped me that day surprises me. I tossed my keys in the middle console, took Paige out of the car to put her in from the other side and realized the situation immediately. It was 9:30-ish and already it was 85 degrees and climbing. And it was slightly overcast too! I went inside the pediatrician's office and told them and then went back outside to wait by the car. The office staff were kind enough to make the call for me. Drew just peered around the side of his car seat, completely unaware. One by one, the staff started to come out and wait with me. One of the pediatrician's also came out. The fire station was *maybe* a half a mile down the road, but it still took ten minutes for them to arrive.

Some of the staff were kind enough to regale their stories of sympathy with me. It's strange how little consolation it gave me and my bone-headedness, lol. Four kids and I've *never* had anything remotely dumb like this happen before.

Word of Caution: there's a reason why kids shouldn't play with keys apart from the germ factor. This will be Drew's only time to play with my keys.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Martina - I haven't seen you on BBC Catholic board for a while - just wanted to let you know that you & Drew have been in my prayers with regard to his weight. Hang in there - I hope the GI will help you find some answers, or at least rule some other things out. My Peanut finally is on the 1% growth curve after 3 years of not ever being on the chart.

Your car experience had to be such a fright - so glad it turned out ok.