Tuesday, August 25, 2009

First day of third grade, eighth grade and with it come the traditions!

So, this is our ninth year to celebrate the "first day of school" - for a grand total of 15 between all the kids. Paige celebrated her first year of preschool last year and since I will be testing out the waters of homeschooling her for Kindergarten this year, today is a first of sorts for her too.

Jonathan started third grade today. I expect the full report in a little while as I find ways to fill my time before he gets home.
Ashley is once again top of the school, an honor reserved for 5th, 8th and 12th graders.

Last year we tried something new and the kids loved it, so we're here again makin' memories. The first day of school we have pepperoni pizza and do-it-yourself root beer floats. The year before Neil found a cool song that we've adopted and listen to on the first day of school. It's by Jack Johnson Jack Johnson - Sing-a-Longs and Lullabies for the Film Curious George - We're Going to Be Friends {for all you Curious George fans out there}. I'm putting this same song on the blog playlist for you to listen to it. {if you look at the playlist, it's the first song listed}

**And if you don't believe that a year makes a difference, join me in a walk down memory lane of previous first days of school to prove that time flies!**

{Jonathan, first day of second grade - 2008}
{Jonathan - first day of school, first grade - 2007}
{Ashley, first day of school, seventh grade - 2008}
{how she really felt about the first day of school - I asked for the pout to show the pre-teen angst that is middle school}
{Ashley, first day of middle school, sixth grade - 2007}
{and the first day of Kindergarten and fifth grade - the *one* year they both shared the same school!}

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confused homemaker said...

Happy First Day of School!! Looking for updates on it goes with homeschooling Paige.