Monday, November 2, 2009

Halloween and UT football - what a great weekend!

What fun would a holiday weekend be if there wasn't a mile-long post to show for it?? Instead of a lengthy paragraph followed by pics, I'll just post the pics and include all the fun details in the captions. :)

{Dad wraps up the mummy - this project was a lot of fun and a lot of headache, all wrapped into one!}
{how to make: tear strips of muslin fabric, longwise, soak in strong tea for aged effect, throw into dryer to get the scrappy torn edges look, and safety pin to a sweat suit...and voila!}
{Kat and I decided to go as nurses - rather, I think the costume and
the lack of time contributed to it picking us instead. ;)}
{Cynthia and Anthony just before we left for trick-or-treating}
{Erica, who always has the perfect smile and pose for me!}
{the family; the dark fairy, the angel, the kangaroo and the mummy - with Dad, the P90X spokesperson}
{my turn!!}
{gettin' ready to go trick or treatin'}
{Chris as a hippie type dude along with Paige and Sophie}
{Paige, the beautiful angel}
{Kat and her family}
{I didn't say it was a perfect family ;)}
{Me and Mr. Alien aka Jesse givin' props to our alma mater, UT}
{the Doyle clan}
{The college crew minus a few and plus two}
{Ashley and Madeleine}
{the chaos begins!}
{Mr. Alien tries to scare Paige and Jonathan - think he succeeded? Me either. ;)}
{This house was almost Drew's new home - he grabbed some
candy and headed inside the house where he made himself at home!}
{Daddy and our little kanga}
{Miss Ella and Alice}
{You can't even begin to appreciate how many people were on this street! There were seriously like 50-70 people just within a few houses. One house pulled their love seat out and had the UT game on while they gave out candy. My kind of house!!}
{Erica's cupcake}
{Jesse, the AWOL from all our other college get togethers and without the mask! It's like a Big Foot sighting!!}
{the donut eating contest begins. Uncle Chris explains the rules - NO USING YOUR HANDS!}
{the donuts were suspiciously hung too close together which made it fun and messy to eat a donut}
{Jonathan takes to it like an old pro!}
{Erica cheers Paige on - YOU CAN DO IT! she says - or maybe she's saying BRING IT?!}
{I'm still finding donut everywhere, lol}
{the little ones want to participate but following rules is not part of their game. ;)}
{Mia strategizes while Grace just dives for it!}
{she makes her move!}
{still perfecting her strategy...}
{um, yeah...this donut never stood a chance with this one...rules? RULES? we don't need no stinkin' rules!!}
{now for the adults!}
{this is where I broke my would appear}
{Chris was the winner of the donut eating contest}
{Cynthia goes for second place...I think}
{uh...yeah, still going for second place here...}
{Mia and Paige, lil cousins}
{oh...he *says* he doesn't like his girl cousins...}
{...but I *never* have any problems getting him to pose with Sophie - or be nice to Sophie, or play with Sophie, or hug and kiss Sophie all through Mass...just sayin'...he loves his cousins, especially Sophie, lol.}
{Paige and Sophie give me their scariest faces...I don't know...what do *you* think?}

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Jamie said...

Very cute! I love everyone's costumes. But...I do have to say that Neil's doesn't really can't dress up as something you already are! =)