Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Halloween is approaching!

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{our playlist for the day}

As we gear up for Halloween, I found a CD for a buck at the grocery store. It plays all the fun Halloween noises and sounds to scare the kiddos who come up for candy at our house. Ok, so I bought *another* one because it was easier to pay the dollar than try to locate the original - which I'm sure is around somewhere in the house. :)

And as I uploaded it to our iTunes library, I thought about what music we might play for our games while we host family and friends that evening. So...Neil and I decided to make a mix of music and horror movie theme songs. We even submitted it to iTunes to be featured in the store for the next year. Not that I would encourage anyone to pay the insanely high fee of $28 and change, but do what we did - look through it for ideas to make your own mix from your existing library.

The original list we have has 38 songs, but iTunes only allows 25 songs, so you are still missing out on 13 more great songs - if you want the extras, let me know. ;)

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