Saturday, October 24, 2009

A blast from the past!

{it was dreary and drizzly rainy this day - I make no apologies for my horrible hair - HA!}

Last Tuesday, I met up with a friend who I hadn't seen in YEARS! Amanda and I have been friends since - sixth grade - I think. At least that's the year we came up with when we actually thought about it. I hadn't given it much thought prior to the past year or so, but growing up in a small town afforded me friendships that went back further into my childhood than I had remembered.

We did cheerleading together, yearbook in high school together {our senior year, she was editor and I was photo editor so we messed with the staff quite a bit} with LOTS of fond, funny, and embarrassing memories - in fact, we friended our old journalism teacher on facebook! Our brothers were close, spending scads of time skating and getting in trouble for skating on public property - that story can be for another time. Amanda and her sister, Ashley, were even present for my Ashley's baptism!

That Tuesday we had decided to meet up for lunch at The Oasis, which if you've never been and aren't offended by bad service or "meh" food, the view will more than make up for it. This particular day was rainy *AND* foggy, but we actually had wonderful service and good food. Go figure! lol

In any case, Amanda's husband had come through town on business and she came down with him. We planned to meet up just for lunch, but as I was driving there, I thought there is no WAY I can let this chica go after lunch. She didn't have any plans, so she agreed to let me abscond with her for the rest of the day. She came back to my house {which I let her see in total disarray - GULP!} and we hung out, going through yearbooks and talking about what happened to who and who married that guy. Oh man, the road down memory lane was bumpy but SO much fun!

Here is a picture that Ashley took of us together. I am now thinking a trip to Nac is in order just to visit with her and other friends still in the area. Hmm...

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