Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Help a brotha out and win three cases of wine!

A friend from college broke out into the world of wine, transforming it into a unique business - create your own wine label - or He gained notoriety through various publications, including our alumni magazine by UT, the Alcade. He has recently expanded his wine business, partnering up with Dr. Wilferd to bring into the forefront as the #1 wine portal on the internet. To read more about the marriage of those two businesses, click here.

I share all of this with you because he has opened up a contest to anyone who wants to participate. Here is what he wrote about the contest:

You have the opportunity to say, I named that wine! Help and come up with brand names for the following wines and win 3 FREE cases! We're naming a Bien Nacido Pinot Noir, a Mendecino Sauv Blanc, Cabernet Sauv, and Syrah. Be creative. We're keeping this contest open for one week.

You can post qualified answers to Twitter @personalwine or visit the Facebook page to submit your answer/s. And be sure to tell him Martina sent you. :)

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**As for me, this is how I remember Alex. :)



Alice said...

Wow--this may be a bit inappropriate but can you say hottie?
Chris and I will definitely be entering this. One of the names will have to be "Tini's bikini"

Martina said...

yes, it's totally inappropriate. the last thing Alex needs is a big puffed up ego. ;)

and as for your name selection, a great Fleetwood Mac song comes to mind - tell me lies, tell me sweet little lies, LOL.

perhaps Alex will drop by with a comment and solidify my name dropping on his behalf...hmm...

Pervino said...

thanks Martina! Looks like you are generating some fans. I am now a subscriber.

Martina said...

No problem, Alex. :) Let's see how many responses you get. I'm still working on plugging it in a few more places - tracking down friends and what not and asking them to spread the good word.

It's almost a crime that I don't care much for wine, but I'm sure you can help me find my 'brand', lol.

Pervino said...

Alice, did you enter? Ive got a few more days left...

Martina, I can help you find the magical grape juice of choice.

confused homemaker said...

You have an award because I love you!!