Monday, February 23, 2009

The best fourth birthday ever!

**I have too many to choose from and would love your input. Please let me know which number/s you like and why you think it should be considered for the official 'four year old' photo - the ones with asterisks next to them are *my* favorites**

Yesterday we went to our neighborhood community center. I hadn't anticipated so many obstacles. The landscaping company was there working on the gardens. They were mowing and edging. The flowers were not plentiful (i.e. no colorful backgrounds) and it was windy as all get out. I had originally planned on having Paige wear her skirt and go barefoot. Silly me. I forget sometimes how unpredictable February weather can be here in Texas. It was windy and in the low 50s, so probably hovering in the 40s somewhere with all the variables considered.

So...this is what we ended up with after ten minutes of trying to make it work.

#1 #2











...we ended up coming back home and finishing the shoot where it was warm enough to pull off the cute little skirt and sleeveless shirt look. Paige was very cooperative and a *lot* of fun to photograph.











*eating lunch from Chick Fil A in the food court*

Then we went to Build A Bear! Paige picked out Hello Kitty - a girl after my own heart!

kissing the heart that will go inside Hello Kitty

grooming her up

picking out a name - "Princess Hello Kitty" - what a perfect name!


even Drew goes for a little off-roading!

Paige up close and personal with Chuck E Cheese!

on the roller coaster with her friend, Mia

Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday to YOU!! Happy Birthday dear PAIGE, Happy Birthday TOOOOO YOU!!!!

Woo hoo! I'm four!!


Alice said...

#7 and #12
I think you probably had somewhere else to vote but I couldn't find it quickly.
Good photos.

-goofydaddy said...

I agree, Alice - nos. 7 and 12 are my picks, as well as 16, and 20 for the Mary Catherine Gallagher-ness of it :-)

Jessica Kreitzer said...

I like number 14 and number 7 as good portraits of her. But, I love #6. I love the hand on the hip with some attitude. It reminds me of the pics that my dad took of me when I was little - the black and white, maybe. But, I always had some attitude in there, which he loved to capture. I think it just brings out her personality even though you can't see her face.

Cute pics. It's nice to have a good subject that likes to have her pictures taken.

Martina said...

Thanks for your input! Alice, I didn't really have any special place to 'vote', just to leave your favorites in the comments section. Seems the majority is going with #14, but I'm definitely going to have to have some runners up.

Jes: I love candids too! Sometimes I think they capture the moment better than portrait. Obviously, I'm divided over which style I like more or the portraits would win hands down.

Kevin: who is Mary Catherine Gallagher??

-goofydaddy said...

lol - jess gets a majority with one vote for 14? guess others voted for 14 offline... 7 is better!!!!

Mary Katherine was that character on saturday night live... she had a movie called Superstar

Martina said...

Ok, I thought she sounded familiar! Yeah, a lot of folks online on message boards voted for 14. I like all of them, but 14 and even 19 show her expressions really well. Now, should I get it printed on canvas or not...hmmm...always something to ponder...

Jamie said...

I still like #22 the best!! Can you send me the original file (or one that's printable at least), I need to print out some nice pictures of my godchildren. She will get her birthday present one day too =)