Monday, March 9, 2009

Oh, what a relief!!

{the finished project}

Some months ago, Jonathan came home with a project he had been working on in class. It wasn't quite a relief map, so much as it was different kinds of play-doh representing bodies of water, land, and other kinds of geography. Though he was proud of his creation, I couldn't get him to pose with his hard work!


Jessica Kreitzer said...

I wondered when you were going to do a new header. Looks good! Of course, you'll have to update again or instead of the Drew blog, this will be the Paige blog.

-goofydaddy said...

cool play-doh reliefs! :-)

on the new header, did you use a wacom tablet for the text on the left? looks very cool.

Martina said...

yeah, yeah...i'm such a blogging delinquent as of late...

i wasn't too far sighted when i named the blog. obviously, i like to include everyone in it, but it'd be weird to change the eventual goal is to get all four kids on the header, like yours.

kevin: truth be told, i use - it's just a throw into a template website and *very* convenient when you only have a few minutes to work on the blog (or, you're lazy like i've been recently).

i knew you'd like the play-doh stuff. i'll see what i can do to work in some lego stuff next, lol. ;-)