Monday, February 23, 2009

She's FOUR!

Stay tuned!! There will be more to see and read about. With today being Paige's birthday, I wanted to post a few pictures of her day, but the *real* post documenting all the fun will be tomorrow!


Jessica Kreitzer said...

Rachel says that Paige looks so cute in that tu-tu. We're sending her birthday wishes from her family in Virginia. Tell her we love her!

Alice said...

I'm definitely stealing her to add to our collection of girls. She is so cute! But so big! Please put her in a box and forbid her to grow anymore! Hope her day was fun! Great pictures photo mama!

Martina said...

Oh, I totally felt the same way! I don't want her growing up. I told Neil on the way home to warm up the baseball bat b/c she's going to be an absolute knockout and his reaction was 'baseball? Don't you mean rifle?' - The skirt turned out red, but it's actually a raspberry color.

She had a really good birthday. Be sure to look for the entry tomorrow - I'll be busy editing all day, lol.