Friday, January 23, 2009

Saying goodbye is hard...

{Paige looks back, as if to say "this is *my* Grandma!"}

Paige has always been our little snuggle bug. Whenever she's in need of affection, she has no problem crawling into our laps and curling up. When Grandma and Paka were visiting, she immediately latched onto Grandma and made sure she knew she was 'Grandma's girl'. She even went so far as to let Paka know (while she was sitting on his lap), in no uncertain terms "I like Grandma best!". So, when it was time to go, it was no surprise that the waterworks appeared under the guise of 'please don't take away my blankie!'. She was missing *her* grandma.

{Grandma and Paige work on some much needed coloring}

{Then relax with some much needed reading about the meanest doll in the world}

{just before we left for the airport - see Paige's smile through the tears?}

{"I'm going to miss you, Grandma!"}

{See? These eyes don't lie!}

{I think I'll miss *you* most of all, Scarecrow.}

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