Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A first haircut, a new look

{January 6, 2009}

Two weeks ago, Drew finally had an old friend amputated. I'd love to say I'm kidding, but his personality changed when his hair was lopped off. He seems to be much more short-tempered. It could be his recent struggle with autonomy that just accidentally coincided with his hair cut, but I wonder if he's feeling the strain of losing part of his trademark look.

I've always been very sensitive to his gorgeous locks of hair. He has been the only kiddo who didn't rub off a line of hair as an infant or didn't lose the front half of his hair just in time for baldy baptism pictures.


Drew kept every single hair on his perfectly shaped head. I didn't realize how much of an identifier it was for other people until we were approached by a total stranger at church this past weekend who jokingly and lovingly lamented the loss of his hair. She just kept saying how much he looked like a little kid now. The funny thing is I've heard the opposite comment and completely agreed with that too. In ways, yes, he does look like a little kid. But an online budy (Emily) said: Oh he looks so different!!!!! Actually more like a baby if that makes sense! Thanks for posting these...he is SO cute!


I have to say, I was a little shocked at how well he went along with everything. Almost like we'll pay for his first visit with his subsequent visits, lol. I think he was too stunned by the whole thing to really understand much; just that this lady wouldn't get out of his face and kept looking him over making sure it was all even. We arrived at Snip Its just as they opened (this is the same place Paige got her first haircut) so we were the only ones there and the other gal blew some bubbles to keep Drew entertained. And it was truly a literal five minute haircut. The stylist took his first two snips and put them into a baggie. A few minutes later I found myself asking them to save all of it. I remember saying: "I know this is weird and I'm not sure what I'll do with all of his hair, but I just know I can't let go of it right now". I was ready to part with the look, but not the hair. Fortunately, I must not be the only person to ask for all of the salvageable snips.

{a new man is born}


Amanda said...

Oh my! I didn't realize how much hair he had until it was gone. He looks traumatized. Poor Drew. Does he know that it will grow back? lol!

The Cohen's said...

I must agree with Em, I think the shorter hair allows you to see more of his sweet little round face, which still looks like a baby face. He is so dang cute!

Kelly Deneen said...

He did get a lot cut off, but he looks adorable!! He looks like a mini man now. hehe.

Martina said...

Thanks! I was wondering if I should have taken a picture of his bag of hair, lol. It really *was* a lot of hair!!! Can I glue it back on? That would be bad...very bad, indeed. :(

Rachael said...

Oh my goodness! He is so handsome though, even with his different look. I made the mistake of giving Noah his first haircut, and it is *still* uneven.