Monday, January 26, 2009

One of those days, and imagine it happening on a Monday?

{we bid thee farewall, a loyal friend and true}

Mondays always get the bad rap for being *that* day. I mean, why not? Coming off a weekend it's the one day that's statistically guaranteed to disappoint*. Really and truly I can only think of a handful of Mondays that really fit the bill of a day gone awry.

Today was immeasurably one of those days.


We leave all our doors shut in our house for a reason. To keep little hands and feet away from and out of trouble. Our first floor guest bathroom is one of those areas and it's adjacent to our office. After spending a few minutes tidying up the kitchen, I realized Drew was a little too quiet and immediately started looking for him. One of my fears is that the bathroom door is left open and he'll decide to go snorkeling in the toilet. Yeah. Gross. So, after seeing he wasn't in our room or bathroom or hadn't locked himself in my closet, yet again, I went straight for the front/guest bathroom. I saw a bright glow coming from the bottom of the freshly flushed toilet.

Not much causes me to gasp, but I think I stopped breathing once it registered that my dear sweet diabolical little boy had found my iPhone and chucked it into the toilet. He left a trail too. He grabbed the toilet paper after he was done and walked off with it into the office where I found him trying to grab the wireless mouse and keyboard; he was probably plotting his next death by drowning.

So, I stuck my hand in the toilet. I did mention it was freshly flushed, did I not? I never want to do that again, by the way. I tried like bloody hell to take it out of its case to see what the damage was. I pressed the buttons to turn it off and back on. The Apple sign popped up and a 1/2 second of relief was immediately squashed by its inability to turn off and then the glow magnified what could only be the water damage claiming it's victim. It was like watching a piece of paper meeting water. It skimmed across before completely taking over. What a cruel death. Glug, glug, glug...

I've owned a cell phone for almost 12 years. I've never had anything remotely negligent happen to my phone before today.

And now, as I sit here watching the "restore in progress" on the new 3G that I went out and bought, I am wondering if my contact list and calendar and photos will be (could be) retrieved. That's the most important thing to me.

Are there far worse things to be upset about in this great world? Absolutely. But let me just have my few hours of mourning a phone I loved.

Oh, and be sure to look out for my e-mail from you soon asking you (yet again) for all your contact information.

{Mr. Phone is surrounded by rice, in an effort to revive it. I would say 'results at 10', but we won't know for sure if it works for a few days at the least}

*Disclaimer: not based on facts of any sort, just my own personal opinion

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The Cohen's said...

What a freakin' bummer! I would've cried IF I had an iPhone and it got dumped in the toilet. :( What a freakin' bummer!!!!! And was Drew laughing when you found him an evil little laugh? :)