Monday, January 26, 2009

12 random things about Drew

Today on Facebook, many are taking part of an e-mail circular by sharing 25 random things. I was tagged by Alice last night and an hour of my take apart the closet and re-organize it was spent sharing my randoms. After today's debacle with the phone, I thought it might be a good idea to focus on all the positives about Drew. You know. To keep me in line and not wanting to sell him.

So here goes; 12 randoms that is. After all, I've got dinner to make and whatnot.

1.) He's very snuggly.
2.) He loves to give kisses.
3.) He loves to blow kisses.
4.) He thinks he's all grown up when he yells/squawks out 'MAAAA!' or 'MAAMUH!'
5.) I love the way he says 'Thank You' - 'teh tuh'. And he says it each and every time it's warranted. He knows. We've trained him well.
6.) He has a super cute cowboy walk (swagger) and he holds his hands up by his armpits. He's a hoot to watch.
7.) Whenever he has a boo boo or isn't feeling well, he almost always is comforted by scooping him up and giving him some love.
8.) He has the best little piggy squeal for a laugh.
9.) He has a certain order to his nap time or bedtime. First, his blue waffle blanket, then his white and blue blanket, followed by his monkey blanket and then his BlaBla monkey. And, of course, his pacifier.
10.) He's the first kiddo we've had that bears any resemblance to his momma. :)
11.) His hair. Oh holy canolis, the HAIR!!
12.) And of course, his legacy of being born in the car. What well-respected entry would fail to acknowledge his 'roots'? lol

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dana said...

Hehe, laughing at the cowboy walk. A true Texan! ;)