Friday, September 19, 2008

Our trip to Houston...before Hurricane Ike

We went to Houston to visit Alice and Chris and the girls for Labor Day weekend. We had a great time. We did a little swimming, a little shopping, a little Euchre playing. It was great to connect with them and we were sad to leave!! Hurricane Gustav seemed to threaten our trip back, but we made it back home with very little evacuee traffic. The real problem emerged later when Hurricane Ike made it's way right over their house. I will have to blog about our refugee camp later!

{Grace, enjoying Cheetos}

{Our goddaughter, Mia}

{Sophie giving drew kisses}

{Paige with her godparents}

{Ashley and Madeleine, the dynamic duo}

{Miss Sophie}

{don't let Strawberry Shortcake fool you - those are blueberries she's eating!}

{the boys}

{Sophie as she demonstrates under-bubbles-kick}

{Alice and Ella}

{Paige on the turtle}

{Ashley and Madeleine stop to pose during their basketball game}

{Grace demonstrating under-bubbles-kick}

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