Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Our 8th wedding anniversary

{September 23, 2000}

So, today's our anniversary and I was {was} tempted to regale the story of our wedding. Then I figured I'd just share a few pictures from our wedding day. Oh, and maybe just a few details from the day too!

As most know, Neil and I met via our good buddy, AOL. After almost two years of long-distance 'dating', lol, we married at San Jose Catholic Church in Austin. I had been working as a wedding photographer with RON PARKS (click on his name to see his website)for about a year. Needless to say we were able to convince him to photograph the day. These photos, unfortunately, don't capture how great his photography is. I removed pages from our wedding book and was not able to scan with great results.

We stopped at McDonald's to grab a bite (I was hungry and couldn't wait!) and then headed over to the Austin Children's Museum where we had the reception. After the reception we left by horse and carriage and took a short tour of downtown. We have a lot of fond memories of the day and enjoyed all the great company and food!

{the infamous stop at McDonald's}

{playin' on the playground!}

{leaving by horse and carriage}


-goofydaddy said...

ah seems like yesterday! gratz guys! remember the looks you guys got from people at McD's? classic.

Megan said...

Congratulations! I hope that you have a wonderful celebration.

*jess* said...

LMAO...love the mcdonald's stop!