Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Ten months old!

And the winner is...

My goal recently has been to see what I can get in the span of a literal few minutes, photography wise. With his mobility, I literally have to takes whats I can gets. The hair is my biggest obstacle. Drew obviously has no problem 'working the camera' since he seems to know exactly where to look or dial that cute factor up a notch. Yesterday, while shopping for Neil's anniversary gift a little old lady asked how old 'SHE' was. Ugh. The comments about the hair are becoming more and more frequent.

{lean in...let me explain something}

I'm not one to subscribe to old wives tales or anything superstitious, *but* let's suffice it to say I'm not anxious to cut his hair because, well...frankly, it's the hair he was born with. That luscious gorgeous head of hair.

I had heartburn as my pregnancy test. I jest only slightly. Seriously, I had heartburn my entire pregnancy. From start to finish. They (and who this "they" is I'll never know) say that when you have heartburn you are more likely to have a baby with hair. So, heartburn = a stunning head of hair - for baby, not you. Yes, I realize he's a boy and I know boys generally wear their hair shorter. Sigh. This means that it's only a matter of time before his baby hair is altered, forever changing his "look" from baby to boy. Sigh again.

But until that happens, I've decided to dub him our 'surfer boy'. That makes it ok, right? After all, I'll still get those comments from the swim instructor who's convinced a baby needs a high and tight at 9.5 months old and the little old lady will still be oblivious to his shockingly orange stroller, red outfit with the words SPORTS across the top and a monkey to boot. I've made my peace with it. He's a gorgeous baby and he draws attention wherever we go. His eyes are still the color of a typical newborn. Dark steely gray/blue.

Oh, and thank you to Alice who suggested the Radio Flyer prop the other day for our pics of Ella and Drew. I decided to do the same thing today so it was his 'official' ten month photo. Enjoy all!

{the runners up}

{seriously, how do you *not* want to gobble him all up??}

I have to sneak in one last bit about his outfit. Neil wasn't crrrazy about the look of this outfit. And I agree. Yes, it's blue, but it's got a collar big enough to pass as a bib. So, I sarcastically say "thank you" to the "great" find at Janie & Jack.

{note to self: just because it's on sale doesn't mean it's the best choice. mom lesson #698}

Oh, and by the way, whose bright idea is it to put Fall clothes out starting in August, especially in Texas? I can't find anything short-sleeved anywhere after mid-August!


-Bridget said...

First, I LOVE the outfit. He's still a baby and perfectly appropriate. I love it with the old timey look of the ride on. It's great.

Second, they have actually done studies on the heartburn and hair thing and it's not just an old wives tale. They have actually found a correlation between heartburn and having babies with hair!

Stefanie said...

He is seriously adorable. SERIOUSLY.

As for the heartburn, I know they've done studies, and I prayed it was true during my pregnancy, because I experience heartburn for the first time in my life...but not for my lil one. Oh Well....SIGH

Martina said...

I had heard that too. But here's where Drew's different {blog update perhaps?}: his brother and sisters lost hair, he didn't. He's kept it all!

Now, if I could only teach him to toss his hair like a surfer, lol. :)

BTW, lovin' that tea cup pic. Where *EVER* did you get such a snazzy ideer?? ;)

Don't you just love November Mommies??

The Cohen's said...

I'm with you on the hair.... Noah's hair is getting long too, and I've had people call him a she.... but it's SO cute on babies, and I too endured heart burn for that. :) Stick to your guns!

dana said...

Could there be anything cuter? Love, love his little outfit!! He's getting so big!

I say keep the hair, at least for a little while's gorgeous!

oh! i may contact you about pics sometime.

Sandi said...

He's so adorable! I had terrible heartburn all three pregnancies, but ended up with almost bald kids. Oh well, maybe the next one will be my hairy baby!