Friday, September 12, 2008

Fundraising fun!

As the beginning of the school year is finally in full swing, I am reminded of this post because it pretty much documents how I feel about the seemingly unending onslaught of 'buy this', ' we need that', 'please sign up for x, y, or z'. Don't get me wrong. Don't mistake my feeling overwhelmed with not actually wanting to do whatever it is that comes our way. I enjoy the things I sign up for and I do them very happily. Right down to the fund raisers. I'm always in the market for double-sided wrapping paper. Hey, at $7 a pop I'm set for Christmas for at *least* a year. I use the elementary fund raiser to stock up on all my wrapping needs. Middle school is a little different. Last year, Ashley was in band and to support the band, we bought cookie dough and mini-pizzas (think mini Red Barons). I wasn't exactly crazy about it, but with Drew's upcoming birth it made for some quick gifts for those who took care of us as well as some fast and easy dinners.

This year, Ashley came home with a fund raiser I have resisted for many years. I am now buying one because 1) they are half the price of the ones sold in VA (which was *why* I was not sold on buying one or two or three - they were sold as a fund raiser through the VA MOMS Club) and 2) they essentially pay for themselves after a couple of uses.

We are talking about the Entertainment Passbook '09.

This is my shameless attempt at plugging Ashley's fund raiser to family, lol. At $20, it's hard to say no. I'm definitely getting one. Definitely.

Click on the link above and go to the Seller's Section tab at the top. You'll need the school's account number to sign up. For those who are interested and don't know how to contact me, please send me your e-mail address in the comments section (don't put it as or you'll get spammed - write it as xyz at abcdefg dot com). I will send you a private e-mail with the school account number so you can order yours!

These coupons are good through the end of next year. Keep one in the car and you won't forget to use them!

Ashley will be calling on you soon if she hasn't already!


*jess* said...

oh, let the selling begin! we just finished our first round of fundraising "fun" (as you call it) and it was NOT fun. :)

dana said...

Ah, man. These things are EVERYWHERE. Good Luck selling them all! (I know you's a great lil' book!)

-Bridget said...

Ugh, the fundraising. We haven't gotten to that age yet but I remember those days from my own schooling well. At least the coupon books are useful. I still to this day won't eat a tangelo after a school funraiser where my step dad bought a whole case and made us eat them all before they rotted. Blech.