Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Final installment of our VA trip

Our last day in Virginia was spent doing a lot of fun things. Brendan stayed out at Grandma and Paka's, so Ashley and Jonathan and Paige all played with him. We first went to throw rocks in the river because, who doesn't like to chuck rocks and skip the flat ones?

Seriously it was good.

That is, until I slipped and fell on the rocks, scratching the screen on my camera (not to mention totally devaluing it - WAH!). Luckily, it was not damaged!!

Then we headed over to the scary bridge where I had a couple of 'what were we thinking' moments. It was best to look straight ahead and *not* look down!

Then we finished our outing with a few laps around the track and a few video games. Jonathan was our turtle, getting lapped a few times by everyone!

Here's Jonathan dressed up like a desperado. He had been dressing up like this all week, so I finally managed to remember to drag the camera out (yet again!) to capture him in his fun digs.

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