Thursday, August 21, 2008

King's Dominion

We made a trip down to King's Dominion with Dave and Jes and the kids. I *love* going to amusement parks, but I'll be the first to admit the idea of going with eight kids was overwhelming. I envisioned lots of screaming, hunger pangs, and sun and heat exhaustion. And that's just from me - ok, that's a joke, lol. I did worry that it would be too much for the kids.

After all, if we're driving 1.5 hours to get there, we'd better well be prepared to stay there all. day. long.

Open to close.

When we got there it was threatening to rain. We stopped at the Burger King and visited with a long-time online friend of mine who I had never met before. She brought her four girls with her and we shared a chaotic breakfast before heading out to the park. I'll be blogging about her separately because she has an amazing hobby and craft that I was able to bring home with me.

The park ended up being a great experience. The kids had a great time, Drew was amazing and even through a severe thunderstorm, we stayed in the park and played video games, followed by funnel cake for dinner, a souvenir shirt for Jonathan (it was his first time to ride on a roller coaster) and changed the kids into their jammies and headed back home.

{Paige flyin' solo and Matthew and Alex behind her}

{Zack and Jonathan on the first ride of the day}

{Paige on her first solo car ride}

{Paige and Matthew}

{Paige and Zack share kisses}

{here is the slide Neil and Jonathan went down just before it started
storming - click on photo to see where they're standing}

{I caught Neil and David holding Paige and Matthew just as the water came crashing down on them}

{Zack chases Paige down to give her a kiss!}

{Paige dances on the DDR game at the arcade while we wait for the storm to pass}

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-goofydaddy said...

good times at king's dominion. can't beat it! it was great seeing you guys again so soon after the last time. more pics please.