Tuesday, August 19, 2008

She came early!!

While Jamie was out visiting with her little dogs, I joked with her, letting her know it was 'ok' for her to go ahead and have the baby since we were there. Her due date was August 15th. The conversation took place on August 4th. She talked convincingly of little Marianna staying put and not making her entrance anytime soon. Why not? After all, isn't it typically the first baby who comes late anyway? And Jamie still had things to do like finish decorating the nursery and other little odds and ends. Her birthday was on the 2nd and we made plans to have her and her hubby, Jonathan over for a birthday dinner the next evening.

I guess Marianna had other plans! The next morning Drew woke up and we realized the phone was ringing. No one was getting it. I went to get Drew and Neil found the phone and realized that Jamie's water had broken around 1:30 in the morning. Jonathan was calling to let us know the dogs needed to be brought over. Jonathan then calls back with some details for me to relay and he then goes on to tell me that Jamie says I'm to blame!! LOL - yes, add putting people into labor on my resume of talents! It turns out to be a good thing she came when she did since she was over 8lbs. and as a first baby, this is quite big for nearly two weeks early! She was born on Tuesday, August 5th in the evening with an impressive display of hair. Now Jamie gets the little 'troll' jokes we make about Drew. ;-)

{Jonathan, Jamie and baby Marianna the day after she was born}

{Mommy and baby}

{Grandma and baby M}

{Uncle Neil, cousin Paige and baby Marianna}


While we waited for Marianna's arrival on Tuesday, Grandma and Paige decided to bake some cookies. I couldn't help but document this precious moment.

the pretty chef is all ready to bake!

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Congrat's to the new parents!!

Awe, Paige is so cute!