Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Summer Yummers!

Monday was our 'get down to business' day. We sat around eating breakfast and came up with our monthly menu...mostly to avoid daily catastrophes at the demand for me to be a short order cook for each meal. We came up with ten breakfasts, lunches and snacks. Ashley made up the weekly menu and we went to pick up the groceries for this week. Ashley wanted to switch up Friday's lunch with today's (PB&J for homemade pizza) so we ended up with a cooking project today. I actually had forgotten that we have Friday's reserved for lunches out (contingent on good behavior and chores getting done with decent to great attitudes) and given that tomorrow is Jonathan's birthday, the pizza thing made the most sense for today...that, or wait until next Monday to do it. They had fun putting them together and slathering on the cheese. Not too bad for a fifteen minute project, start to finish!

load it up with cheese! and not just the yellow stuff! {see goofy brother on left}

it's no fun without any pepperoni!

what a goof!

our proud creationist

the finished product!
{you'll have to excuse the lighting in the photos - our house is lit soooo poorly,
it's a wonder I get any decent shots!!}

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