Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Such a trooper!

~The back light was pretty bad that I was having trouble manipulating the lighting, but one shot came out as a really cool silhouette - on accident. I caught him as he came up for air working on his butterfly stroke.~
Paige had her first swim lessons today. Initially I had her signed up first and Jonathan's class was immediately after, but I got a call from Nitro last week saying they moved him from the 9:30 to the 8:30 class. That means his class is smaller and basically means the ratios are better overall. I got a few pictures of both their classes.

Jonathan goofing off with new buddies - he's not at station 4, but 7.
Coach Mike was doing a private lesson on the other side of the pool.

working on his strokes

Paige holds onto her instructor for dear life at the beginning of class.

Paige is starting to get the hang of putting her head in the water.
The instructor said she did everything *except* put her whole head under!

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