Monday, June 2, 2008

The "key" to a good summer

This weekend was fun! And now that the kids are out of school, my time is divided beyond belief. We "invested" in Jonathan's swim future by buying a neighborhood pool key so he can get some extra practice in outside of classes. Well, I lie. Actually we got it because it's Texas and it's hot and we wanted to have some fun in the evenings together. I'll probably venture out with the kids by myself too. Rather than enjoy the water yesterday, I spent some time catching some shots of the kids as well as Neil and figuring out the logistics of handling four kiddies at the pool with a potty training three year old. I hope you have some free time, because there are quite a few pictures to go through!!

I will be adding more to this post throughout the day. With all the kids home, it's been difficult finding time to post. Check back throughout today and tomorrow to see the updates.

Drew and I hung out by the pool after we realized his 6-12 trunks were *way* too big on him! And yes, I realize I could have just put him in the pool in his 'swimmie' but I liked staying dry and watching everyone. With a nice cool breeze behind us, it was really nice out!

Jonathan and Dad enjoy some time goofballin' around. I can't even count the number of times he got tossed. Here is just one of the many series I ca
ught of the two of them bein' boys.


"had enough little kid?"
~Ashley 'canon-balls' off the side of the pool~

Jonathan tries a canon ball

record scratch: we'll come back to this later...
Neil and I both saw him run to get some major air on this canon ball...
"Jonathan!" we both call to him when he finally surfaces
He comes over to me after I motion for him. We talk about pool safety and how he could really get himself hurt by running. He then turns to me and asks 'can I power walk into the pool?'

POWER WALK? I think to myself...'sure, why not?'

Here's the end of that canon ball:

Neil and the kids enjoying the kiddie pool - "hey big guy! that pool's not for you!"

Ashley enjoying the kiddie pool

Dad and Jonathan splash it up some more! Paige tests the waters in preparation for her swim lessons tomorrow!

miscellaneous pictures

Jonathan practicing his strokes

Ashley sharing pics and videos of the last day of school with her buddies

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