Thursday, June 5, 2008

It's GREAT to be seven!

The new seven year old!

Jonathan and baby brother - always a great photo!

Jonathan's birthday was probably one of the busiest, and most exciting days we've had in a while. His day went something like this:
*wake up
*eat the gogurt he picked out
*get dressed for swim lessons
*where he got moved up to level 8!! we are SOOOO proud of him because this is a level that a lot of kids get stuck because the breast stroke and butterfly strokes are difficult to master. I told the instructor to give him a hard time (teasing, of course) because it was his birthday and he should move up on his birthday! Well, this is the kind of swim school that if they didn't really feel he was ready to move up, he wouldn't. There must have been some birthday magic in the air! He'll be working on turns on station 8 and after that, lifetime strokes and individual medley. He's almost done with lessons and will soon be able to decide to move up to summer league or do another sport.
*go to Toys R Us to spend the seven dollars he got in a letter from Mom and Dad. He chose an Iron Man toy (that we're pretty sure Dad will enjoy playing with too!) and a toy shark. I spotted him a few dollars. ;)
*pick out a cake at the store - Jonathan just *had* to have the one with the cookie on the cake surrounded by cupcakes. They must have seen him coming!
*go to Sonic to celebrate (nope, not his birthday) getting moved up to station 8. We have a deal that when he gets moved up to the next level he can celebrate with a treat from Sonic. We got to see Sarah working at Sonic, our Euchre friends' daughter.
*open up gifts early in the afternoon since Neil came home for a while before his last appointment *plus* it gave him time to enjoy his gifts long before bedtime!!

so excited to open his gifts!

what could it be?

it's the PSP I've been asking about for months!! how'd you know I wanted it?

what do I do with these???

the cake that just keeps on going

blowing out the candles

the cookie that sold him on the cake


just ask me if I'm going to eat anything beyond the frosting...I dare you!

ok, seriously guys! i put in an order for a cupcake too!! what's with the stinkin' cheerio?!

not my best photo, by far, but I had to pick something with Ashley in it!! we loves us some good cupcakes!!


-Bridget said...

That cookie would have sold me on the cake too! Yummo!

Happy Birthday and congrats on moving up in swimming! Such an important skill to have!

-goofydaddy said...

wow... 7! i remember holding him when he was only a day old and Dana was kinda scared to hold him! now look at us!

Martina said...

i look at all of them and think 'dang, where'd the time go?' (and yes, i realize how incredibly hickish that looks...sometimes i look at neil and wonder where the time went...we've known each other for 9.5 years...loooong time!