Friday, June 6, 2008

Testing new blinkie! Come one, come all - take the code and embed it into your blog!

I have always loved the "I love today's creative blog" blinkie, but never really gave it much thought to do one of my own (or find someone to make one for me, rather!). That was until I found Rachael (another BBC friend of mine) when I did a random search on BBC for a web designer. Of the four names it pulled up, I noticed we were already buddies! She was super nice to put this together for me and if you're interested in one for your blog (who doesn't like bandwagon ideas???) give her a shout on her blog here.

Or see her link on my list of Blogaholics "Not Quite So" Anonymous to the right.

Happy Blinking everyone!!

If you love my blog, and would like to put my blinkie on your page, copy and paste the following link to your blog.


emily said...

looks good! Good for Rachel!

-goofydaddy said...

"or find someone to make one for me"

I was right here all along. :-P