Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Can we get a punch card for a free visit?

So, I think Treehouse Pediatrics has gotten too much of our money this month. First was Drew's two month appointment. Then Jonathan was unable to hear much in school and I requested that he be taken to the nurses office to be checked out. Turned out he had a double ear infection that required a second February dr. visit. That was three weeks ago. Today we went back for a follow up visit. His ears look good. We were worried we might have to see a specialist if there was no improvement, so this is good news. While we're there the receptionist asks me to pay before the visit. No problem. I hand her the card and sit down. While I'm waiting for her to run the charge, another mom and her daughter show up. The daughter starts waving her hand in front of the aquarium. The fish go absolutely nuts. The receptionist told her she was waving her hand at the exact spot where they're fed. She then goes on to tell her that a few fish have jumped out while the food was being dropped in and then asks her if she'd like to feed them. I mean, we're talking about close to 100 fish in this tank!! The girl's all squirmy, back and forth, back and forth. 'You do it' she says to her mom. Finally the fish get their food and it's like some crazy feeding frenzy. I'm surprised they didn't accidentally try to eat each other. I've been to a fish farm before. I've seen what hungry fish do on accident!

Anyway, so we're waiting for our name to be called. The nurse pops her head out and calls Elisabeth (I actually have no idea if this was how her name was spelled - but it makes my story telling much more entertaining). I didn't flinch. The lady and her daughter make their way back. The receptionist asks me to sign the receipt. She starts off by saying she's sorry she accidentally put in an extra '0' in the co-pay. So, instead of being charged $30, it was $300!! I think she was distracted by the fish show. She had already done a "refund" and I guess I needed to sign it to show that I knew it was refunded. So, I asked her where the receipt was for the actual co-pay. Apparently, at this doctor's office when they run your card for $300 on accident, they absorb the cost of the real co-pay, lol. Part of me wanted to tell her to feel free to run it for $300 everytime we come through. ;)

Anyway, I sit back down and finish waiting. The nurse pops out again and says 'ANDREW'. I grabbed Drew's carseat and called to Jonathan and Paige. The woman to the right of me looks at me funny as she gets up with her son, also named Andrew. I laughed and when I caught the nurse's eye, I told her, 'ok, the past two patients called have two of my three children's names! I had to think about who I was here for!' Good thing Ashley was still in school, or we might have had to wait for an Ashley to be called back too!

So, our next visit will be on Monday for Paige's three year check up. I'm wondering about that pay for nine visits and get the tenth free punch card. I think doctors should look into that. Four visits in one month is excessive to say the least. All I can be grateful is for the fact that we didn't have to pay $

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