Monday, February 25, 2008

Three years and three months - what a busy weekend!

So, today we went to Paige's three year well-check. Barring any unforeseen illnesses, that should be our fourth and final visit for the month. We'll be back next month for Drew's four month checkup. Paige was 31.8lbs (50%) and 37 1/4inches tall (50-75%). The nurse asked if she was speaking with a 50+ word vocabulary and I said yes, and part of me wanted to tell her that she is actually pretty advanced in that department, but behind me there she is talking baby talk so I figured I better let that one go and not look like a liar, lol. I told the dr. that around strangers she resorts to baby talk, but when she's comfortable she has a very fluid vocabulary and loves to use big words: most likely due to big brother and big sister.

This weekend was a lot of fun - we spent the weekend celebrating Paige's birthday on Saturday and going to Costco to pick out her princess cake. She had a blast at the park playing on all the toys, flying kites with Dad and Dio, opening presents and just plain overdosing on cake, lol. I was surprised she didn't have a birthday hangover on Sunday morning. We spent a few minutes on Saturday morning taking some pictures of her using my new camera and lens. I am *loving* the results. The pouty princess photo posted at the bottom of the blog is my absolute favorite. She hardly looks like herself, all grown up! I'm going to get some nice pictures of the kids and have them printed on gallery canvas as part of their room set ups. I'm hoping we'll have their rooms ready in the next two weeks. We painted Ashley and Paige's-soon-to-be room two shades of purple and because of the ridiculous amount of work it took with the chair railing and picture moulding, have thrown in the white towel and will have someone paint Jonathan and Drew's room two shades of orange. This is probably the first time we've made it a point to get the kid's rooms all fixed up nice and perty. I'm pretty shocked at how small the kids' bedrooms are given the overall size of our home, so that's the reason for the delay in getting them all fixed up. I seriously don't think we can fit two twin beds in Ashley's room, so the debate has been either low bunk beds or a daybed with a trundle. Jonathan's room will stay as it is. Hopefully Drew will be moving in sometime soon.

So, Drew turned three months yesterday and yet another opportunity to get some pictures to document his growth. He is just the cutest and happiest baby. I can't believe it took this many children to finally get one that resembles me the most, lol. He has just absolutely stolen all of our hearts. When I see the kids with him, they are all very protective and dote on him non-stop. It's funny to think he wasn't with us not so long ago and yet he has just made a place for himself in our family. It just feels like he was always with us.

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