Tuesday, December 7, 2010

10-4 good buddy, I got my ears on!

{I's four months old today - dig my ears! You know you can't resist me!}

It hardly seems like four months has passed, and yet the weather is the first indicator that yes, time has flown by. I remember being preggies with Josie thinking wistfully to myself that she would soon be one...year old, that is. In my mind, they grow up so fast that I can barely keep up!

It's times like this that I remind myself that it's an incredible blessing to have these five miracles in the first place. Time is like grabbing at sand {are you hearing the theme song from Days of Our Lives in your head too?} and it's not lost on me. I don't take these moments for granted and it's taken five kids to realize this! I'm a slow one, I'll admit it.

Last month, Josie was all smiles - something I look forward to, but today she was more serious. I thought it contrasted well with her cute little ears.

Since it's been a while since I've done an 'anatomy of a photo shoot' entry, today I'll share some outtakes as well as my favorites from today. Hold onto your hat - it's gonna be a pic heavy post.

{getting ready for my shoot - about to head to wardrobe - no makeup needed yet ;)}
{testing the lighting - just a tad overexposed, but those eyes are gorgeous nonetheless!}
{that cutesy little tongue!!}
{a definite frontrunner for the 4month winner}
{a reverse fist pump??}
{taking a break to check out - something}
{she's entranced again by something, lol}
{pouty lips}
{different pouty lips - still just as adorable!}
{another frontrunner}
{*another* frontrunner, lol}
{hmm, should I keep the ears?}
{I'm digging the ears!}


Jessica Kreitzer said...

Very cute! She looks like a little baby doll. Don't you want to come here for Christmas, so I can get my hands on her before she can run away!

Martina said...

I wish! Too bad it's frigid as all get out on the drive up - makes for terrible roadside stops through the mountains! We need to put a trip on the books soon. :) In the meantime, you'll have to get to work on expanding your family, right????? ;^)