Saturday, May 8, 2010

Seven Things Saturday

So, I guess the best way to get back into the groove is to simply get back on the horse, right?
This was a topic that a lot of bloggers could use to avoid that writer's block - essentially, all days of the week had certain themes and depending on whether you had good material to write about or not, you could use any of these as fillers and not let go of the flow of posting.

Let's go through my week {one of the few times I will focus only on my own week} and you can decide how exciting it was. :)

Sunday: Sundays are always relaxing for us. We attend 9:30 Mass at our church. I had a lady tell me afterwards how beautiful our children are. While the kids were not bouncing off the walls, they were incredibly fidgety which always seems to lower my patience. Towards the end it truly felt like we were herding cats. Her comment was just what I needed to put things in perspective. :)

Monday: It was a typical Monday, with all the usual challenges of trying to get the motivation to start the week off right. It was my last night to help out with RCIA. Since August, I have been helping facilitate discussions for our {then} newest candidates for initiation into the Catholic Church. For the past few years, I have dipped my toes in a few different ministries at our parish to find what and where my strengths lie. I typically try to keep my interests limited to one or two evenings a night so it doesn't create an undue burden on the family life. The last class for RCIA was technically the week before, but they started a new program by Jeff Cavins called The Great Adventure, The Bible Timeline. I had just attended his all-day seminar in South Austin the weekend before and wanted to go and see how I could help out. It was an amazing turnout, and through that seminar, I will be helping to launch the 24 week course that will start in September. While my work with RCIA is at a close, I am excited to help be a part of a new program that will no doubt feed a parish hungry to learn even *more* about Scripture.

*me with Jeff Cavins - disregard the staring into the sun/weirdo expression thing I've got going on*

Tuesday: Speaking of various ministries, there are two types. There are those that that give back and those that you nurture yourself. RCIA is my 'giving back' ministry and Tuesday evenings, I spend time discussing Scripture with one of several Bible Study groups led at our church. This session we are discussing the Gospel of John as well as his letters. I am admittedly not as polished when it comes to Sacred Scripture, so about a year ago I decided to make this more of a mission in my spiritual life. I have put the past eight or nine years into studying apologetics, Church teaching and Sacred Tradition, and while the Church cycles through almost 90% of the entire Bible every three years, I had yet to give Sacred Scripture more time to fully understand my roots, so to speak. The past year has been *very* fulfilling. I have made a lot of friends and had *many* wonderful and eye-opening discussions about Scripture that have led to my desire to help with the program I mentioned above. Sure, we can all study Scripture on our own, but the difference I've found in my own experience is that I get more out of the content when there are others to discuss Scripture. They bring points of view to the table that I had not considered and challenge me to constantly look beyond the surface meaning of what God is trying to tell us. What I love about John 6, in particular, is that it is really what defines Catholicism through the description and need of the Eucharist, from the very words of Jesus, Himself.

Wednesday: It was Cinco de Mayo - a day for celebrating with good food and relaxing with my husband, sans kiddos, at our favorite restaurant just down the road from us. It was *packed*, there was live music and the food was great! Not too shabby for what would otherwise be a normal hump day.

Thursday: I was invited by a friend to go to an annual dinner to benefit the Christ Child Society, a Catholic non-profit organization geared towards helping those in most need in our society. They provide layettes for mothers who give birth and have nothing for their children. I could go on and on about what they provide, but the best way to pass that info on is for you to simply click their name above and check them out for yourself. The evening was wonderful, filled with lotsa Catholic 'sistas', catching up on all their news, making new friends, a silent auction, wine, a lovely dinner and dessert along with an extremely hilarious comedian to share in all her experiences as a wife and mother - it's funny b/c it's true was the main theme of all our laughter that evening. We could hardly catch our breath before she had uttered her next perfectly-timed joke. Let me tell you, all women should hope to be that funny at age 73!


Friday: Well, there is nothing ever really wrong with Friday. It is always welcome in my books! I took my two littles to a newly formed Mom's group at our parish where we learned to make rosaries, thanks to a friend who took the time to show us how to make knots. It was a lot of fun and we are looking forward to making even more friends as we get more involved with the group. That evening, we took the kids out for a dinner, came home and got jammies on, snuggled on our bed for evening prayers and then the adults settled into an evening of watching the Spurs...lose unfortunately. I think that's the end of their season being behind in this series 3-0, but I'll watch tomorrow evening in anticipation that they might be able to pull off an upset.

I'm not holding my breath, lol.

So, that was my week in a nutshell - a rather big nutshell. Not all my weeks are anywhere near this jam packed with things to do, so this will likely be my last Seven Things Saturday for a while. :)

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