Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Happy Birthday Drew!

{He's TWO!}

For those of you who have been following our family blog for almost two years, you may be familiar with the story of how this blog first came into existence. For those of you who have joined more recently, there is an interesting story of how Drew became part of our family and an even *more* interesting story of his grand entrance into this world. If you love to read, lol, and are interested in either story, I invite you to click here and here to find out how truly special this little guy is to our family, and how one of our family members apparently has a direct line to God and put in a request for a little brother.

Our tiny guy turned two today and though we didn't do anything too spectacular to celebrate, we made sure that the things we did were done Texas big. :) So, I'll take you through the pictures - grab some popcorn - this is a picture heavy post, ladies and gentlemen.
{first thing in the morning, it's important to sort out all of sister's doodads and whozits - no dinglehoppers in this setup}


A birthday starts with a typical "photo shoot" from good old retired photo momma.

{you know...he never *did* go down the slide - I wonder what he was thinking, though...}
{woah buddy...don't fall into the camera!}
{our birthday tradition - you know, b/c Drew only has one year under his belt so far! - is to pick up some balloons to coordinate with the theme - this year was Spiderman!}
{the birthday boy with Dad and Momma}
{Paige *WILL* have her picture taken with Drew, whether he likes it or not is utterly beside the point, lol}
{ok, Cowboy fans - check out the arm - some might say 'that's how it's done!'}

{opening gifts - this one happens to be a mini-Ugly Doll called Big Toe: note how Drew is completely un-phased by Dad using the camera, while Ashley and I both record video}
{Neil tries out his camera skeelz}
{the cake - I am a Jack of all trades, don'tcha know? In this case I am not a master of this particular skill - I won't go into any great detail about how I bought tips to properly dispense the frosting only to find out NONE of them work. Nope, I won't talk about that...}
{look at that angelic smile! couldn't you just eat those cheeks??}
{this is a unique card we found that actually sang Happy Birthday Andrew - he played it over and over and over and...well, you get the idea!}


Alice said...

¡Feliz cumpleaƱos Drew! Dream big...about baby girls...

confused homemaker said...

Happy Birthday Drew! Love the pictures!!