Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Paige's first day of preschool!

{~first day of school smiles~}

Today, my Paige-y started preschool. Even though the oldest two are already in school, I still found myself in a mad dash this morning giving/taking last minute baths/showers, throwing a lunch together, realizing a water bottle was missing and trying to find a substitute that would actually fit in her lunch bag, waiting patiently for hair to dry so we could comb and put it up with a pretty clip, getting myself presentably dressed, Drew dressed, Paige dressed in her green shirt with the 'leaves', remembering her nap mat, emptying out her backpack from last year, taking out the old change of clothes and putting in new clothes, and vowing to make it to the grocery store to get the remaining supplies needed for her class.


But it all happened and we made it there right at 9 a.m. - thank goodness for coffee and resolve, lol.


Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

How many tears were shed? I'm sure Paige was a stoic; what about mom?

confused homemaker said...

yea for Paige!! She's become such a big girl, good job momma!

Martina said...

I'm saving my tears for kinder. Oh wait. We'll be homeschooling her for that. ;) I did great, no tears yesterday! Being her second year there, I was feeling pretty good about her experience. :)