Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Our visit with Goofy Daddy...err umm, Kevin and family

So, we are getting ever so close to the beginning of our trip. Tuesday evening we went to visit with Kevin, one of Neil's good buddies, and his family. They had just welcomed a baby boy to their family, so we brought dinner with us - rotisserie chickens {my chicken carving ROCKED!}, salad, cookies and they {over} boiled fresh corn - I don't judge, it was pretty good!

These three guys formed a band in college - I can't divulge the name. Well, I can but I have to ask how it's spelled and well...Neil is busy FB'ing and watching t.v. and get the idea. we are with a lot of pictures that need explaining. Let's get started, shall we?

{the trio - Larry, Curly and Moe AKA Neil, Chris and Kevin}
{I gotta be honest, I'm not sure what's going on here}
{uh oh...this one just looks like they got caught; either that or I got caught - quick - DUCK!!!}
{we copied the picture from last year of these two perty girls together}
{and a new guy joins the group this year - Mr. Emmett}
{Neil dares Kevin to do chin ups and even though Kevin's not entirely convinced he won't bring down the door jamb, he does it anyway and if memory serves me correctly, he does six? pull ups}
{Chris brought his guitar and Neil played a few notes}
{Miss Aria bein' ever-so cute}
{Paige says 'if this thing falls down ONE MORE TIME I'm outta here!'}
{Aria shows off her bracelet collection, including one we got her when she was an infant - she can still wear it!}
{and we're back to the guitar playing and miscellaneous kid and toys to decorate the photo}
{just to be clear, Drew is NOT playing with a tea set - are you convinced?}
{Kevin and Jonathan - Jonathan didn't want to stay and play with cousins - he wanted to visit Kevin............'s legos ::sigh::}
{and I'm pretty sure this song goes a little something like this: 'oh Lord, won't you please - get that camera outta my face!' Sorry Janis}

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