Friday, August 14, 2009

Breaking news! This game *IS* called Cornhole! Who knew??

If you're scratching your head, you're not alone. I thought Neil's Uncle Rick was being funny when he said the name of this game {common among the K family side} was Cornhole. It had always looked like some bean bag game with made up rules, lol.

But a recent FB status update of mine revealed that the game was INDEED called Cornhole and that the rules and regulations and specifics to the board size and weight of the bean bags made it a completely legitimate game. Several friends, scattered all over the country, knew exactly what I was talking about when I said the name of the game.

So, as I was planning on blogging about our VA trip, I was initially going to start with our most recent adventure and move backward. But this topic made me want to blog about this today. I'm sure you'll see these same photos in the big blog entry commemorating the vow renewal. Stay tuned for that!

To understand this game a little better, I encourage you to visit THIS site and check it out. You may know it by another name.
{Opposing team members play side-by-side and throw different colored bean bags}
{skill and precision score the most points}
{no points...yet. Any bag that lands on the board not touching the outline around the circle earns one point}
{bean bags that land/touch/bumped onto the blue circle - but not in the hole - get two points; any bean bag that goes through the hole gets three points}
{teammates - or brothers in this case - take a minute to talk trash before the next round}
{any points matched by the opposing team are canceled out and the winning team takes the remaining points}
{in this scenario - assuming the blue one in the air goes through the hole - since one blue and one yellow are both touching the yellow outline of the hole, the points cancel out. No other yellow points are made, so blue walks away with "1" for the bean bag on the board and "3" for the one that went through the hole.}
{losers hang heads in shame}

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confused homemaker said...

Fun! I love that the name is actually Cornhole, seriously who would think that? :D