Friday, April 10, 2009

What an UGLY doll!!

A few months before Christmas rolled around I came across the ugliest doll I had ever seen before. The company had appropriately named them Ugly Dolls. I decided I *had* to find a way for them to become family members.

We went to visit Neil's family in Houston for Thanksgiving and we did our usual shopping. I was able to get some Christmas gifts for the kids and saw those Ugly Dolls at this cute little boutique-y store. It was decided. I got one for Jonathan and one for Neil. Ashley got one in our annual cousin exchange from cousin Grace.

Paige's baptism birthday is on my birthday. So, I used the opportunity to get her her very own Ugly Doll. Bop and Beep.

Here is a picture of all of us (minus Neil, the stand-in photographer for the day) together on the swing yesterday.

{All of us together with our Ugly Dolls - I'm holding Neil's - Sun Tan Target - that we renamed Hairy Scary}


Alice said...

NEIL's family from Houston here. Gotta love those ugly dolls. Tara and I came across a new line of dolls/ stuffed friends called Super Zeros. Not as soft as Ugly Dolls but very cute. I also recently bought myself something at that privately owned toy store you referred to--a smurf house and four smurf figures. All the girls want to play with them but they know they're mom's toys! Don't tell Paige but I bought her some too!

Jamie said...

OT but...Martina you look great and I love the haircut!! =)

We almost bought Anya one for Easter but I dunno that I can bring myself to buy something that's sole purpose in "life" is to be

Martina said...

Super Zeros, eh? I'll have to look into that one.

Thanks Jamie! Think of it like this. The doll is ugly so everything near it looks super gorgeomous! lol - well, hey I tried anyway. :D