Thursday, April 2, 2009

Hey! I know you!!

{Neil and Drew}

On Wednesday of the kids' Spring Break, we decided to pack lunches and head to my favorite park as a kid, Zilker Park. I first stopped at the flagship Whole Foods store to grab something for myself. Neil called and had a gap between appointments and happened to be in the area so he joined us just as we arrived. The kids and Neil were ahead of me as I got the last of our things from the car. Then I saw three familiar little faces and the grown up looked awfully familiar too. Then I yelled out 'Hey! I know you!'. It was my cousin Leslie and her three kiddos! I hadn't seen her in a long time so we got to chat while the kids played and then headed down to the "free" side of the springs to let the kids splash and cool off. It was a lot of fun and a really nice surprise.


{Dad tries to tell Paige goodbye before heading back to work}

{he can't even fake a smile here!}

{Paige, sporting the mismatched yet ever-so-cute look}

{David, Leslie's oldest}

{Bella with my cousin}

{all the kids, minus Drew and Ashley}

{Me and my cousin courtesy of Ashley}

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Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

Love keeping up with you on the blog. Miss everybody. :(

It's raining cats and dogs here but the flowers love it and spring has definitely sprung. Forsythia, hyacinths, daffodils and bradford pears all blooming. Beeyooteeful!

Trying to catch up with all the mail. Can I leave again?


Mom/Mary Ann