Friday, February 6, 2009

Keep movin'...nothin' to see here!

...except maybe an entry that's long overdue. At the gentle nudging of some folks, I am posting after a week and change of neglect. I know, I know, I'm a blogging delinquent for the time being. Oh well, what can ya do? Today we took Ashley's homework to school (I don't make this a habit, but I do make exceptions for homework that requires a lot of work) and when we arrived - yes, we drove, we were on our way to Costco and it was flippin' windy outside!! - Paige said that Drew was using a Mr. Potato Head piece as a pacifier. So, I grabbed my iPhone camera (which I have to admit, they really improved on the 3G!) and came up with these cute snaps. The first is outside the school and the second and third are just before we went inside Costco. He was still chewing on that darn thing. My little weirdo. :) Enjoy!!


{Hey MAHHH! It's me, just in case you got confused!!}

{Paige: "Kid, I invented pouty, let me show you how..."}


The Cohen's said...

OH HOW CUTE!!!!!!!!!! That's an awesome picture... and he did it all by himself. :) He sure is dang cute!

*jess* said...

long overdue post, for sure! cute pics. :)

Jessica Kreitzer said...

OK, OK - I'll comment. Update your blog!!!! Now that we've all joined the bandwagon, are you over it? I'm waiting and waiting for something new from Austin.