Saturday, February 14, 2009

Feed the box and no one gets hurt!

We have a usual routine in our home when it comes to homework. At least for Jonathan anyway. He comes home Monday afternoon, grabs a 'working snack' (AKA a not so messy snack) and we knock out all of his homework, even though it's not due until Friday. This worked before Christmas because Tuesdays and Thursdays he had swim lessons, and Wednesdays he had CCD. Mondays afford us the ability to go at our own pace but still get it all done.

This week was no different. He finished his homework and only had to decorate a shoe box for the class Valentine's Day party. So, Wednesday night I found some construction paper for him, some scissors tape and glue. One thing I refuse to do is send my kids to school with a project that even remotely looks like I had a hand in doing it, even though it sometimes pains me to see some of the things they come up with, lol. It's more important that they feel a sense of pride and accomplishment in their projects, right down to something as festive as a Valentine's Day box.
Jonathan started off a little rocky. He fussed that he had no idea how to decorate it. After offering to help him and his flat refusal, Neil and I both found other things to do while he had a seven-year-old tantrum. I had to run an errand. Neil caught up one some much needed Scramble on FB. When I got back, we found he had finished his project and came up with the idea on his own. I was really impressed. He took it to school Thursday and when he brought it home yesterday, I asked him if anyone said anything about it. He said the class voted on their favorites, and Jonathan voted for his friend's box. I asked if his won and he said no and proceeded to dive into his loot. Later on in the evening it suddenly came out that it bothered him that no one said anything about his box.

I was planning on blogging about this anyway, but now knowing that he was especially partial to his box makes this entry a little more special.:)


Kelly Deneen said...

His box is very creative! I love it. :)

kleinraycer said...

Johnathan's box is wonderful and you can tell him that a teacher (Kevin's mom) said so. It's not only creative but from start to finish, done by Johnathan. I hope he got lots of Valentines cards and candy too. Sometimes, even at that age, kids could be just jealous that they didn't come up with such a great idea as his. Oh's one of life's learning lessons. Tell Johnathan that if he were a student in my class, I would have given him an A+ for creativity and effort!

Martina said...

Thanks Jeanette! :)

And thanks Kelly!! :)

-Bridget said...

Very clever boy!