Monday, December 15, 2008

Tree decoratin' - family style - oh, and Spiderman too!

{the little cow ornament - as well as the unseen pig ornament
came from the local shop & restaurant in downtown Woodstock}

This evening was fun for everyone. A little hot cocoa, some popcorn, ornaments hung on the tree, Christmas music playing. The kids enjoyed putting their own ornaments on the tree. What had started off as a few pictures to show Aunt Jes and Uncle Dave all the ornaments that Jonathan has amassed over the years, quickly turned into a nicely documented event...right down to an appearance by Spiderman who scaled the stairs in an effort to put the angel where? Yup, you guessed it...right on top of the tree! Enjoy!


Stefanie said...

What a beautiful tree and a beautiful family! Love the new FB pick also!!

The Cohen's said...

What a big task for a spiderman! That picture is adorable!!!! Your tree is quite pretty also, must be all the kids ornaments. :)

Kelly Deneen said...

Beautiful tree and beautiful pictures!! You guys did an amazing job. :)

Morgan said...

You've got some great pictures on here!

Very cool how your son climbed up the other side of the stairs to get the star up!